September 14, 2010

Simple Irish Phrases

Andy and I had our first Irish class. I thought I'd share a few simple Irish phrases with you.  We are learning the Ulster dialect (County Donegal.) The dialects really do change a lot!

The fist thing we learned to say was "Dia duit."
  •  It is pronounced "Gee a dutch." We have heard it pronounced in other dialects as "Gee a ditch," and "Gee a dwhit." 
It is how they say "hello" but literally means "God to you."

The response to "Dia duit" is "Dia is Muire duit." 
  • This is pronounced as "Gee a smore a dutch."
It means "God and Mary to you."

We also learned "Slán leat."
  • It is pronounced "Slahn lot"
It means "Goodbye," and is said by the person leaving. The person staying says "Slán agat."
  • This is pronounced "Slahn ahg-ot."
I hope you enjoyed! We had fun even though it is really hard and confusing.


  1. I have always wanted to learn Irish! Thank you for sharing what you have learned! I look forward to more updates about your class.
    Through Christ,

  2. Thanks LH, I hope to learn I just got out of a very bad relationship with Spanish. :D Irish is such a pretty language.

  3. My mother's been to Ireland this summer. She said the Irish did pronounce "t" a bit like "tch". Now, seeing this, I suppose it has to do with the way they pronounce it in Irish.

  4. Hana, they do. It sounds like they say "tree" when they are saying "three."


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