September 3, 2010

Civil War Knitting Update

I haven't gotten much farther, it's been a busy week, lots of homework. I am finished the part where I decreased once every 4 rows, 7 times.

I am on my last ball of yarn and really should order more so it gets here before I need it. I am surprised that the wings are so thick, I didn't expect them to be so wide.

I am glad that I will avoid the "skinny wings" I see on some people that aren't very flattering.  The wider wings will make it look more like a vest and less like a scarf wrapped around me. This particular young lady admitted that this sontag was not made for her but she was borrowing it due to the coldness of the event.

I can't wait to finish this. I think it will look very flattering in the fall over a long flounced skirt and a 3/4 sleeved shirt. I don't think anyone would instantly think "1860" if they looked at it. I do like shawls, but they are kind of impractical and I hardly ever wear them. They also tend to look a little too "granny," and you have to constantly hold on to them. They are very comforting in the winter to curl up in a shawl with a book.

I really would love to learn the pretty crocheting that is used to line the sontag in Piecework Magazine. It is feminine and pretty, practically lace looking. I feel that if I put this much effort in, I might as well take a bit of time to make it really pretty and not just "serviceable," to quote Marilla Cuthbert.      

Here's a pretty jacket from Godey's Lady's Book that I feel could also be worn today with a little bit of alteration. The braiding is really pretty. 


  1. I completely agree about the larger wings; the right way to go!

    I haven't done *anything* on my sontag this week! :(

  2. You're so stinkin' talented, Steph :)

  3. Sophia, it happens. Now that it's getting colder, it's much more enjoyable having the knitting sitting on my lap. Before it was just getting too hot to knit.

  4. Jodi, you're even more stinkin' talented. :D

  5. Your blog is very interesting. I love history- though mostly reading about it. :)

  6. It's looking great, and I do love the color...I own about 7 period images of women wearing sontags, and NONE of them have the skinny wings that I see...honestly, I'm not sure why you'd even want to wear one like that....I'm not sure how it keeps your torso warm, and that is the point of this garment! :-)

  7. Thanks, I've really been trying to finish. I just finished one of the wings. I'm glad you have images of sontags, I haven't seen many. When I read about them in period magazines they normally mention that they are worn under cloaks. So if someone is wearing on under their cloak we would probably never know.

  8. My daughter and I just started volunteering at the Genesee Country Village and Museum in New York State, and I *really* need a Sontag. I am so glad to have found your blog!

  9. Pamela, I'm glad I could be of help!


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