September 23, 2010

My Les Miserables Post-- You Get to Hear Me Sing! Be Afraid.

It's Les Miserables Week at Send Me A Song by Anna Olivia.  

I had a hobby in 3rd grade, it was Les Miserables. I know that sounds weird but I really loved the storyline and the characters. I was in love with the musical. I had a collection of Les Miserables concert T-shirts and I went though a phase where I would only wear them in rotation.

My best friend and I used to play a game where one of us would mime out the scenes and the other would try to guess the scene the other was acting out. It was intense! For our elementary school talent show, I sang Castle on a Cloud and my friend accompanied me on cello. When we got to middle school, we opted to take French because that's what they spoke in Les Miserables!

I read Les Miserables when I was younger and I am currently reading it now. It is broken up into 5 big chapters but those chapters are broken down into 365 sub-chapters. I am reading one sub-chapter everyday. It's been very enjoyable so far.  

So in commemoration of the story that was beloved now and in my childhood I put together a one minute clip. The clip is of me singing "I Dreamed a Dream," which I found on my computer. I remember singing that clip, it was sometime during high school and I was practicing for musical tryouts. I only have one minute recorded unfortunately but I guess it's still a good tribute. :D I was planning on singing a full song, I even tried to rope Andy into it--never before in my life have I had the perfect tenor Marius... but it was no use, it has just been far too busy. I wish it was better--sorry, be sure to turn your speakers down.


  1. Wow, you sound great! I'll bet you sound even better now. What a pretty song too :)

  2. Very nice, Stephanie Anne! I'm surprised that at such a young age you were into Les Miz... When I was in 3rd grade, I'd probably never even heard of the book. However, I read it about 1 year ago, and ever since then it's been one of my favorites. Also, I enjoyed listening to your audio clip... it was great!

  3. Thanks Tarissa, I don't even know why I was. It was just one of those things. I was so excited when I heard there would be a Les Miz. week.

  4. :)
    When I read the book, I thought it was a little boring...but that was a long time ago.

  5. You should try it again. :D I couldn't get enough of it. Okay, maybe I could have had a little less of what Spanish nunneries were like but otherwise I loved every minute of it.


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