September 1, 2010

Night-Trip: Tons of Fun

You will never guess where Andy and I were last night! Okay, you probably never will guess because you don't know me that well. We went to go see Rush and the concert was absolutely brilliant! This won't be much of a post, just photos. I really like this top photo, you can see Venus in the sky towards the left.

They played for an insane three hours. I can't play for 30 minutes. There was even a crazy 30 minute drum solo.

I couldn't believe how many people were there. These are just the people not in the stands!

This is me being a good student, even though I was at a concert. :( Who gives homework on the first day of school? I can't complain it was for history class, I don't think I would have brought homework from any other class. I can never take a break from history!
It was tons of fun, we were so lucky to get to go with a bunch of good friends. We're all still excited. The band was great live! Some bands are terrible live, Rush is absolutely not one of them! I was especially excited that they played a mandolin during one song, it sounded really neat.


  1. I don't know them at all, but it sounds like you had a really good time! 3 hours! Wow!

  2. Yes, not many people our age do. They were big after our parents generation and before ours. :D Mostly people around the age of 30-45 remember them.

    I was just awed at the guitar solos. I think a lot of bands today can get away with being mediocre on their instruments. The 3 guys in Rush really know how to play.

  3. It's not my age that makes me not know them! :D Most of the bands I listen to were big before I was born, I think.
    But I totally agree with you about the guitars.

  4. Wow, looks like you had an awesome time!
    I always virtuously bring homework then end up leaving it in the car! ;P

  5. Sophia, I do that do and I didn't get much read, but the intention was good. :D At least having it there made me not completely forget about it.


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