September 11, 2010

Civil War Recipes for September

Now that it is getting cold, I can't wait to watch the leaves change and smell the smoky, cool breezes at night. Woolly sweaters and camaraderie around fires, hot chocolate and crisp ripe apples will soon be a reality. Autumn is my favorite season.

Now that it is getting cooler, I will start cooking good warm food. We've been avoiding using the stove and oven so we don't make the house unnecessarily hot. I have been itching to cook.  

 Here are some Civil War Era Receipts from Cookery for English Households written in England in 1864:

 *The broth should be beef broth. 

Yum, vegetable soup with rice. That is going to be delicious. For more period receipts, please visit my post from last year, Civil War Receipts for the Fall. Those recipes are from Godey's Lady's Book. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, this post just appeared after I left a comment on the last one--letting you know so you don't miss it. The recipes look yum. I'm looking forward to autumn, too.

  2. I don't like rice in soups. Mostly probably because I do not much enjoy rice in general (although I like risotto - just had one, made by my sister, yum!)

    I wonder about chocolate getting a disagreeable taste when cut with a knife. Was it something about knives of that era, or would it still apply today?
    Also, I'm surprised to see them dissolve it in water first. The (modern) recipe I've got uses only milk. Eek. I want hot chocolate now! No chocolate at home! *sigh*

  3. Last year, Jodi from Curious Acorn made the yummiest hot chocolate with coconut milk. She found the recipe on another blog but it really was the yummiest hot chocolate I have ever drank.

    My period knife is a little rusty. So it could just be that extra rust taste. Although, we normally don't use knives to cut chocolate today either. I'll have to do a chocolate experiment purely for the sake of science. :D

  4. Sometimes you need to cut chocolate into really small pieces, and in that case a knife is useful... not that I do it often. I just wondered.


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