November 9, 2016

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party

I haven't written a Secret Life of Bloggers blog post in forever! I've been doing a lot, mostly working and enjoying whats left of fall. This season has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. Hot days, cold days, rainy days, hot days again. 

The Old Third Presbyterian Church, home of the first Vacation Bible School is still in dire need of repair. I've been spending a lot of time with the Chester Historical Preservation Committee in trying to preserve it.

This is my view on the way to work if I come at just the right time when the sun is rising.

Participated in some flax processing and weaving.
 I didn't get to go anywhere to watch the leave change so I did quite a bit of capturing the palette locally.

A sunset I happened to catch while not catching the dog I was trying to catch.

These are the biggest sunflowers I have ever seen! They had to have been a foot in diameter each.

Lovely day of archaeology at Newlin Grist Mill. A huge turnout of volunteers.

I love watching the sparks swirl around the forge on these cold days.

Even decided he was done being a steer and would rather be a chicken.

Forgive my tons of photos of the leaves but they were just so beautiful I couldn't help myself.

Nothing warms my heart more than to see 21st century children adopt the mindset of 18th century ones when presented with the same options. A bunch of kids crammed themselves on the "warm spot" in the cold room.

It's waaaaaaay to early in the season to have to scrape frost off my car!

"Is that a handful of grain in your pocket?"

I'm afraid the last of the fall days are behind us and winter is here.

Hope you enjoyed my photos and I would love to hear what has been keeping you all busy. I will be visiting Williamsburg soon, please send me an email or facebook message if you would like to meet up!

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