September 21, 2010

Civil War Reenactment at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation-- Warning: Photo Heavy

Normally the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation focuses on the 18th century, but last weekend they took a break and allowed us 19th century reenactors take over. If you've ever been there, you wouldn't even recognize it.

The house was furnished with 19th century pieces and displays of period dresses.

 The dresses were gorgeous and though I can't even imagine, all belonged to the same lovely lady! 

 Wash dress and day dress.

Morning wrapper with black undersleeves. The undersleeves slide under the large pagoda sleeves and are tied or fastened with elastic at the elbow. The undersleeves, which are more apt to get dirty can be washed without having to launder the whole dress.
The master bedroom. The washbasin and pitcher were just beautiful.

The childrens bedroom. I love the chamberpot box.

The kitchen, along with the two ladies of the house for the weekend.

Cannon are a rare sight at the plantation but these men dragged this piece out to the field. 

It overall was a fun event. Everyone had a good time. During the first battle, the animals on the farm were caught in the crossfire. It was very neat to see sheep and chickens scattering at the advance of an army.  For a reenactment, you can't ask for a more interesting battlefield. There are houses, barns, animals and gardens which all become a part of the battles. It is much more interesting than most places in which the reenactment takes place on an empty field. I especially love that the spectators are so close. Some of the soldiers accidentally even broke through the crowd.


  1. Thank you for the tour! I love photo-heavy posts when they show something as interesting as this. :-)

  2. Wow, that sounds like that was an amazing event! Were you there as a reenactor? Someday I'd like to go to a battle. . . (Something I don't hear other people say too often ;) )

  3. What fun! I love of all the historical dresses!

  4. Sophia, Yes I went as a reenactor, I was mostly giving tours of the house.

  5. Hana, I'm glad. I just feel sorry for people whose internet is as slow as mine. :D

  6. Les Miz Week has started, if you're still interested in joining in the fun. Only 2-3 posts a week... ;)

  7. Anna, I'm going to try. Right now I am speed sewing a dress for the weekend. It's late 1700s so I could possibly make it a young Fantine dress. :D

  8. Oh yayness! =) Looking forward to what you post...I'm sure the dress will be splendid. ~*~ The event ends on the 25th.

  9. Hello Stephanie Ann. I am enjoying your blog and really love the photo of the wrapper at the PA event. If and when I can find the right fabric I hope to make my own. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  10. Thanks Deborah. If you can believe it all of those lovely dresses belonged to one lady! I have been considering making one myself to wear at night at reenactments. I can only wear a corset so long, I'm trying to find something I can wear at night in, sleep in and wear before I get dressed for the day. I do have a few wrapper patterns from period books. I will post them sometime.


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