September 10, 2010

Civil War Sontag Update

I've come to the point where I have pretty much run out of yarn and need to order more. So for next week I think I will be experimenting with different border options.

I really thought it was going to be too small but I can see now, that once I add the border, it should fit nice and snug. If I ever make another one, I'd make the back part about 3 blocks or so longer. I can probably stretch it out a bit when I block it so it will work out.

Would you believe I've never actually blocked anything I've knitted before? I always mean to and end up wearing it before I get a chance. So I am not even exactly sure how to block I was told to wet whatever I was working on and safety pin it to a towel in the shape I want. Is that the best way? Is there other ways to block knitting?

Here is a knitting pattern from 1840 for a "Bosom Friend," it is similar to a sontag. Before I start knitting, I draw out a projection of how the knitted piece should look. Having a "map" helps me see any mistake I make a lot quicker. Sometimes my projections aren't perfect but they normally are close in shape if not in exact proportions.  

It looks a little sailor-like to me but I can see how it would be cute over a dress from the 1840s.  It would just cover the parts of the neck that was left bare at that time.

It looks like it would be a slightly easier thing to knit than a sontag. It would probably be a very cute item for a child.

I hope you are all knitting away and not at a stop in your sontags like I am. Has anyone practiced any interesting border patterns?


  1. This is really amazing, Steph. You should bring it with you to the knitting group just to show. I for one want to see it in person. Hope we can catch up to you guys sometime soon.

    I went to the Hay Creek festival today and met the lovely Miss Elizabeth in person. That was a treat.

  2. How cool. When is knitting, I'm guessing probably today? I miss everyone. I'm afraid my schedule isn't getting any lighter until after September. :(

  3. I've never blocked anything either. I checked what my mom's knitting book from 1970 has to say. It suggests steaming with an iron over damp cloth.

  4. Hana, That makes perfect sense. I think I am going to try it that way.

  5. hi, just wanted to say I've made a few sontags, and I block them on a large cardboard. the kind school children use for science projects. I draw out the schematics on the board, then use rustproof pins to match the sontag to the schematic. mist lightly with water from a spray bottle. allow to air dry. Thats it! Really makes a difference in the finished garment. Using steam from an iron won't allow for the stiches to stretch, and my ruin the wool.
    Happy blocking!

  6. Thanks Lisa! That's a good idea. Your Sontags look great!


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