March 21, 2011

What is Going On?
Normally the blogging community is very friendly and encouraging but recently, at least four people I know have gotten nasty comments on their blogs. I don't mean comments that share a differing opinion or comments that contain constructive criticism, but, truly nasty comments.

 I know that nasty comments have very little merit can be deleted quickly and as much as you pretend it doesn't bother you, it will make you feel a little hurt. I understand the need to share differing opinions and believe that it actually makes the blogging community more intelligent as a whole. But why is there need to couple a differing opinion with a nasty comment aimed at the writer?

If you have that much of an issue with a writer or something that a writer has said, I believe you should discuss it with the person in a personal manner (e-mail, private message, ect.) There is no need to try to discredit a person in front of their readers or make fun of someone just because they are different or don't agree with you.

To Quote Eleanor Roosevelt:

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

Lets stick to discussing ideas. 

I couldn't help but post and link that cartoon. Sometimes it really does feel that way! (Although, I think it would have been just as funny without the use of profane language.) Our grandmothers would tell us "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything," and our Civil War predecessors would say "Image she was your sister," before you criticize someone. Can't we all just take this advice and be nice to each other? This post actually was inspired by my sister. Someone left her a nasty comment on her website and she came to me in tears. A few other people recently got hate-comments as well. What is going on?

Please share your stories of nasty comments to help others think more carefully before they press enter.


  1. I've actually not had any nasty comments, although I did get a few snide ones when I used to write more politically than I do now.
    I have read some of the nasty comments that some have written on many postings from other blogs and I agree with you that there is no reason for the nastiness. Small mindedness, I suppose.

  2. That is just too bad! I really don't get some people. :(
    It's one of those things, that of course we know those people are just being nasty, and we can't let it effect how we feel about ourselves. But there is still those physical feelings that seem to be uncontrollable. Sinking feeling, and tightening in the chest. :( Not fun! I hope someday, I'm able to be completely unaffected! :)
    I haven't had any "nasty" comments myself (that I can remember :S), but every once in awhile I'll come across one, particularly often on YouTube. It makes one kinda sad for the world! Are there really people out there who are willing to say these kinds of things! O.o

  3. Amazing Eleanor Roosevelt quote, so pertinent to our culture!

  4. It appears that the two nasty comments (or at least certainly the second one) I've got were from someone from my hometown.
    Someone who did not really read my blog, just needed to point out that I had no right to write a blog, because I'm so totally different from what that person expects to be the norm. Even did not bother to write that in English (on my English blog). Just to hurt me.
    Mostly stupid.

  5. Hey Stephanie,

    I agree that lately (past 6 months-ish) there seems to be a wave of attacks via commenting and its unfortunate because it really adds distraction and discord. Whats worse is when 2 commenters banter back n forth driving your "comments" up to 200...or even simply picking and arguing w/ the blogger rudely in front of everyone.

    I've noticed this usually happens when bloggers open up about their opinions on things..and 100% of the time, someone out there is reading your blog who disagrees, and puts their anonymous thoughts out there. I guess its becoming more common to see, but to me its a sign of the culture.

    Way back when, folks used to go out of their way to find something(anything!) positive to say to a new aquaintance because that was basic everyday manners. But with society's steady decline of manners (and the standards therin), chivalry and etiquette, IT SHOWS.

    Its so unfortunate, because I've also noticed more and more sweet bloggers(or even youtubers) are having to shut down their sites or constantly address this because its getting so out of hand. This is discouraging because now its harder to come across *really* good discussions, where ideas and thoughts are well said.
    Thanks for the post Stephanie, I'm glad you addressed this!!


  6. I got a chuckle reading your profile at 22... At 70 I seem to feel the same way... pretty scatterbrained after years of multitask and focus... You have given me a new lease on life thinking being this way makes my life more interesting... It is nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by .... Blessings.....

  7. Ken, you are lucky I try to keep politics to a minimum (still not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.)

    B.K., I agree that the physical feeling sticks around.

    Sophia, She was a very smart woman.

    Hana, That's just horrible. If they dislike you so much why care enough to make sure you hurt? They must be jealous of you.

    Sweet Old Vintage, :D

  8. Thanks Mia,

    I agree. Those comments really serve no purpose. They are the people who ruin something for everyone.

  9. Well said. Either have a polite discussion, or find other blogs to visit that DO have your viewpoint. Thanks for stopping by!


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