September 2, 2020

Civil War Era Apple Pancakes Recipe

Civil War Recipe for Apple Pancakes

I was very interested to try this recipe as it has molasses, cornmeal, and apples, three flavors that were very common during the Civil War that have since fallen out of fashion. I found the recipe in
The American Economical Housekeeper and Family Receipt Book, 1850. The Housekeeper and Gardener (1858) stated to add "a little more flour than is given to a common pancake batter," so I added a bit more than I would for normal pancakes. 

We served ours with "maple molasses", as it was called then. They were very good. You can barely taste the cornmeal at all. We will be adding these to our regular food rotation. The recipe made about 12 pancakes so I would half it in the future.

Civil War Recipe for Apple Pancakes


- 2 Cups Milk
- 1 Teaspoon Saleratus (Baking Soda)
- 1 Cup Corn Meal 
- 1 Cup Molasses
- 3 Apples, pared and minced 
- 3 +/- Cups Flour
- Fat or Oil for frying


Combine cornmeal, molasses, baking soda,minced apples, and milk. Mix in enough flour to make a slightly thicker than usual pancake batter. Fry in oil on medium heat until solid (about 1 minute). Flip pancakes over. Fry other side for another minute.  


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