June 20, 2014

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party: Post 23

This week has been a little strange for me. We are in between managers at one of my jobs so things have been a little abnormal around here. One fantastic thing is that I had more time off than I normally do. I want to take a moment to thank everyone for all the nice emails I've been receiving due to the Historical Food Fortnightly and other recent posts. It is so fantastic to have such awesome and supportive readers.


My family got a dog named Gibbs. I'm really not used to puppy rambunctiousness.


I have never done a cake like this before but think it turned out nice. I liked their concept.  It was for a bridal shower.


Helped Andy look at cars. He's still trying to replace his car after that accident. We were supposed to take a friend to the airport up there but they ended up taking an earlier flight so we killed some time at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. It's a smaller zoo but has one really neat thing that the zoos around here don't have: American Bison! 

Had a large quantity of of spoiled cream. Turned into nice butter.


Did you all see that national proclamation from the president?  I celebrated the newly formed national day of making by attending "National Day of Making--Afternoon in the Park" with Barrel of Makers.

We drew the scenery, played with some ducks and had a wonderful picnic style dinner.

Another week passed! I can't believe how fast this year has flown. 


  1. That waterfall picture is beautiful and that cake looks fantastic.

    It's coincidental for me to read about your new puppy: my mother and I encountered a man with a hyperactive puppy this morning (it rolled over and wanted Mum to rub its belly!).

    1. Thanks so much. I'm not a dog person so much as a cat person. I'm still getting used to it. :)

  2. I love that cake! I agree with Andrew, that waterfall is great!

    Congratulations on the new dog. :) Where exactly in the Lehigh Valley is that zoo? I've always loved zoos. Last picture is stunning!



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