June 2, 2014

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party: Post 20

This week was very tiring. The last thing I wanted to do was take photos. Everyone at my one job got sick right in a row and then a few people at my other job did. Not sure if we all had the same thing as the symptoms varied. I've never been sick so frequently as I have been this year. All I know is that I am constantly tired and just want to curl up in bed the second I get home from work. 

I have been told by other bloggers that the blog party is now a year old. So it is. I'm always so excited when I realize just how much happens in one year. I am ecstatic that so many people are still participating and following after all of this time.  


Finally got some blog related historical cooking done.



My life is full of apples, fruit tarts and cakes.


Art day!

 I guess I shouldn't exclude some mundane parts of my life, like cleaning. :)


 Sometimes the bakery looks like a horror movie.


Taught English country dancing up near the wagon barn which is currently full of woodworking tools.


Made a huge cake for a dog's first birthday. There was enough cake here to feed at least 75 people (2 half sheets.) The customer picked it up and said "That's enough to feed 15 people, right?" The cake weighed more than Lucy.


  1. Mmmm, that cake for the dog looks awesome! :)

  2. What is that red stuff on 5-29-2014?

    Great pictures; my favorite is the one of the inside of that barn, with all the tools.

  3. That dog must have more friends than we do.


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