September 16, 2013

The Sea Plays by the Philadelphia Artists’ Collective

The night is late, the hold is hot and stuffy. WWI is raging and your ship, carrying munitions is just approaching the war zone. All of the windows are darkened and you and your shipmates are on tenterhooks as the boat rocks back and forth.  No one can sleep with enemy torpedoes on their mind. The S.S. Glencairn is an open target, when one of your mates feels a draft. Someone's been signaling to the Germans, and you all think you know who. The story comes to life as the Philadelphia Artists’ Collective turns Philly's Gazela into their stage for "The Sea Plays" until September 23, 2013.  
 Andy and I were lucky enough to get to help out on opening night. The actors were phenomenal and the sights and the smells of scenery draw you right into the stories. Opening night was ominous as a storm approached.
The weather channel said it was going to miss us. But the wind was blowing hard and the storm dropped a ferocious amount of water. Luckily, the storm stopped just short of the guests arriving and, although the crew was soaked, we were able to successfully get everyone on to enjoy the show. 

If you get a chance to see the show, it really is fantastic! I'll be helping out at a few more shows this week. Look forward to seeing some of you!

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