September 9, 2013

Peterson Magazine's Princess Capote Hood Pattern from 1862

This hood is a pretty alternative to the Red Riding Hood that I posted last Friday. Both hoods were published in Peterson's Magazine in 1862 and are constructed similarly.

The ruffles, braid and tassel make this hood an intricate and pretty accessory.

Of course, I am very interested in any headwear that allows me to lay down while wearing it. Farby, I know. But there's nothing like walking a few miles in your corset and heavy dress and sneaking into your tent for a few minutes of temporary relief. You fluff up your blankets and try to lay down for a few minutes, and your bonnet or hat are in the way, making laying down impossible. By the time you get your bonnet or hat off, it's generally time to start cooking. :) 

This is a pretty hood and would be a nice thing to have come the colder events. Enjoy the nice cool weather we've been having. 


  1. How cute! I may have to try my hand at it. This being my first year reenacting, I need something for colder weather. Any idea what they mean when they say to sew "the point A to the A on the bias from which you cut the point"? Are you flipping the just-cut-triangle over and sewing it back on?


    1. Yes it would be cut off and sewn back on to make a seam in the fabric. I hope I see you out at some events in the future.


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