April 5, 2013

New History Based Reality Show?

Today's laugh comes to us by way of Michael Lynch at Past in the Present via the American Historical Association.

There is an open casting call for a history based reality show in Washington DC. The call reads as below:

Are you a curious person, and obsessed with history? Can you recite facts inside and out, and name-drop (and even date-drop) with the best of them? Do your friends at trivia night, dare we say it, label you as the history buff? Maybe you're not a full-blown "buff" but if you like history and get psyched at the idea of even visiting a museum, or actually read those placards on your tour, then we want to meet you...virtually for now though.

Maybe the thing I should worry about is that everyone I know is at least 50x more intense than what they are looking for. "Actually read those placards"? My friends read, write and correct those placards.  

Lets hope this doesn't go in the way of "Sabers & Roses," the weird reenacting reality show whose odd premise was whoever stays in character longest wins money or something like that.

In case you didn't get enough of Sabers & Roses, there's another clip here.  :D


  1. "Actually read those placards"? My friends read, write and correct those placards.
    So true - - - I love it!

    1. :) I'm not sure what kind of show this will be but I'd like to see the people they find.


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