April 25, 2013

Neshaminy Reenactment 2013

First event of the season has officially ended. It was cold but still generally enjoyable. The event is small, relaxed and located along the water.

The event typically has a long tactical in the woods before the battle for the spectators begin The boys like it because it is unscripted and over brush and leaves and is between the trees. Typically they have so much fun in the woods that the spectator battle ends up being pretty short. I decided against bringing my camera on Saturday but got it for Sunday's battle.

Our events are coming up fast this year as there are a lot of big 150th anniversary events and no one wants to miss any of them. I'll keep everyone posted and hope to post more as school dies down. I miss everyone in the blogosphere and hope we'll all get to reconnect soon.

Some of Sunday's Battle:

Of course, I witnessed most of the battle like this:

There were a lot of neat specialty displays at the event, such as this medical display:

Overall it was a fun event. Hope all the events this year go well!


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    1. Sending message. The next on is in VA. There won't be another one close by until May. :)


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