November 2, 2011


We got our tintype in the mail. I wish I would have thought to take off my apron. Andy doesn't like the fact that he isn't wearing his glasses and the fact that his blue eyes look white. My sister says that I didn't get the "angry stare" down. :D

I recommend getting an image taken although it is expensive, it was a lot of fun and didn't take as long a time as people say it does. The whole process is long, but the taking the image is done in a few seconds. It's a long exposure time by modern standards but not unreasonable.   


  1. I must beg to differ about comments in your post about this tintype. First, you come off as a very natural rural type of woman, with your beau about to go off and fight. As far as your "angry stare" - there were as many differing styles of facial expressions on the old tintypes as anyone can imagine.
    You both look very real and very authentic! Great tintype!!

  2. I'd suggest getting this done as well. As nice as the picture looks here, it really looks spectacular in real life. We got a print made, and it just doesn't capture the same feel. The original is just awesome!

  3. I think it is a wonderful tintype. Your apron is perfect for the scene and the eyes have a beautiful searching quality.

    You both look very authentic and 'a job well-done' to you on the picture, a moment frozn in time.

    Frank and Pam

  4. That looks amazing! My eyes are trained to pick out details in tintypes and CDVs and I think the apron is a fabulous touch. What fun!


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