November 15, 2011

A Short History of Chester County, Pennsylvania

Image of William Penn from LOC

If you look at the link bar under my banner, there is a new page link "A Short History of Chester County." This is part of a paper that I had to write for school. It's not the best paper and jumps around, due to the removal of nonessential information that I had to add to meet the requirements of the paper.  It should be interesting to people who live in the area.

I initially intended to expand upon these excerpts to make this work more meaningful for the historic sites in Chester County but have been very busy lately. This information is still interesting when trying to place a historical building  into a context.  In the future I may expand this to include some historic sites in Chester County and 18th and 19th century farming practices. Most of the additions will be focused around the Pratt House.

For those of you interested in the Pratts, here's a sneak peak:

In 1774, tax records report that Joseph Pratt:

  • Had 180 acres of land.
  • Had the most horses in Edgmont at 5.
  • Had the most cattle in Edgmont at 8.
  • Had the most sheep in Edgmont at 12.
  • Had 1 servant. 5 other men in the township had 1 servant and 1 man in the township had 2 servants.

Hope you check out the Short History of Chester County and enjoy!


  1. Enjoyed perusing you historical posts. Particularly noted the post on historical diaries and letters. I recently reviewed a book based on the previously unpublished letter of a 1st Mn Vol. Regiment soldier named Edward Bassett. If interested you can find the details at

  2. Very interesting. When I am done my book, I will have to take a look at it.

  3. That's really interesting.Everyone in chester county refers to the English settling it. I was always curious why there were so many welsh street names. Edgemont used to be part of Delaware County?


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