}); World Turn'd Upside Down: Homework!?

July 7, 2011


Map from http://www.oasisafrica.com/Maps.html

Today I opened up my school e-mail (to let the months fly out) and I was deleting the normal spam mail and came across a piece of mail from June 1st. I opened it up, it was from one of my teachers that I will have in the fall. I read through it, noted some important textbook information, and opened the attached message. Turns out that that book is summer reading and I have large project already! Goodness! I was given the topic "Southern Africa."

I may be a month behind, but I hope I can catch up before school starts again. I have a lot of reading and research to do! I admit, I am very behind in my African history: I only know it from a European perspective. The professor's goal was to assign us a region of the world that we might be "weak" in so we all can improve. I am excited for the chance to study regions and cultures that I wouldn't have chosen myself--so far I've been North America, Europe and Asia centered in my studies.


  1. Wow, that's amazing. I am glad I have to check my mail everyday for work. :X

  2. I hope I get all of this done. :D The book is on order, I hope I get it in time.

  3. Eek! That's an unexpected surprise. . . I'm glad that you get to study something new and interesting, but sad that you have to do school during summer!

  4. I know. I'm really glad I checked it or I would be really behind on the first day of class.


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