July 11, 2011

Finished Project! Dark Mark Illusion Scarf!

The scarf at an angle.
I finally got my "Dark Mark Illusion Scarf" off of my needles! It has been one of those projects that was pushed to the bottom of the pile by more time-sensitive things. I still need to add fringe to it and block it. I was thinking about white fringe or red. If I put red fringe on it, I think the scarf will look a little too lizard-like which would look neat but wouldn't be as wearable. I think the white fringe would make it look less Halloween-y.

The scarf, looking straight-on.
The neat thing about this scarf is that when you look straight on it, you can not see the design. But if you are at an angle, such as walking up stairs, the design pops out. The design is from the Harry Potter Movies (which I don't like all that much) but the pattern was fun so I had to make one. I also try to knit a bit more in the summer because if I don't, nothing will be done in time to wear it when it is cold.  It is harder to knit in the summer because the wool on your lap does get very warm, in the winter, the extra heat is welcoming.

So, which fringe do you think would look better? I can do all green, all black, a mixture of green and black, red or white. What do you think would look best? If you want to make your own scarf, the pattern is now on Ravelry for free and only took two skeins of wool to make. I used alpaca so it's very toasty to wear. I can't wait for winter now.



  1. I LOVE the harry potter movies. I saw this pattern and fell in love with it! I don't know if i could ever knit from a chart though. I like the white fringe.

  2. I like the white fringe. You say you do not really like the movies, but have you read the books?

  3. I like the white too. and I love this pattern! I've never seen a scarf like this. I'd love to try it, knitting scarfs is normally boring but this one looks pretty fun.

  4. Rachel, I love the books! I think I read the series at least once a year. I just think the movies (particularly the first few) made everything for elementary school age children when the books seemed for an older (12+) audience. I think the later movies did a better job.

  5. Anonymous, I agree. It seems like they will never end. This one is pretty short for a scarf.

  6. Cool scarf! I'm personally not a fan of the fringe but if you are, go for green or black. Adding another color is taking away from the design.

  7. Awesome scarf! you will have to excuse my input on the fringe issue, too stoked with the appearing/disappearing action going on there!

    btw: cool join or die historical cartoon

    Saludos desde Puerto Rico! ciao


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