July 5, 2011

Beach Vacation, Warning: Photo Heavy!

Last week, my family and I went to the beach. We went up in the Cape May lighthouse, which was built in the 1860s, took a ferry ride, walked the board walks, and collected seashells on the beach. We all had a lot of fun, it's been a really long time since we've gone somewhere as a family.

Me at the beach.
Beach Bunnies. Two different species.
Scattered storms came and went all day.
Andy and I went up in the Cape May Lighthouse.
Andy getting over his fear of heights.
Me at the top of the lighthouse.
View from the top.
Beach near the lighthouse which is home to a lot of wildlife.
My family and Andy going to visit a WWII bunker. We never made it. A thunderstorm struck right at this moment and we had to leave the beach. (Good thing we were down from the lighthouse!)
Stuff on the beach. Looks like a movie set, doesn't it?
Me on the ferry ride.
Birds in the wake of the ferry. I had thought that maybe the ships propellers were leaving behind a trail of freshly minced sushi but Andy told me that the seagulls did that even before propellers were used on boats. Turns out that the ships make an airflow that the seagulls like to fly in. The pull from the boat might also "streamline" seafood into the general area making it easy for them to catch it.
Jellyfish at night off of a fishing boat dock.
Remember, if you are going to win your girlfriend a large stuffed toy on the boardwalk, make sure it fits in the car.

Sailboat on the beach
We normally find seashells on the beach and paint them ourselves as souvenirs of out trips. My little sister painted all of these. I especially love the whale.


  1. Love, love, LOVE the picture of you on the ferry. I haven't been to Cape May in 10 years. I miss it. I smell a road trip coming up, possibly! Blah, but after being diagnosed as bipolar and my manic spending sprees, I need to save.

  2. Please tell your sister that the painted shells are so well done!

  3. How beautiful! I have wanted to visit Cape May for years. The shells that your sister painted are gorgeous!!!



  4. This looks like a wonderful vacation! Hope it was relaxing for you Stephanie! And oh that is too bad about the bunker! I would have wanted to go there too.

    In Christ,


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