January 24, 2011

Homemade Penny Whistles: CPVC Tin Whistles

Yesterday Andy and I made homemade Penny Whistles out of CPVC pipes. He made a low D whistle and a whistle with Uilleann pipe fingerings (which means I won't have to listen to those bagpipes when he's practicing a new song. ::jumps up and down:: )and I made a penny whistle with an extra hole to allow the whistle to reach a middle C.

Andy and I originally were just going to make a Low D whistle because they are expensive but the pipes were sold in 10 ft segments so we ended up making a bunch.

It took a lot of measuring and sanding but they did not take very long to make.All it took was The pipe, a wood dowel, a saw and sandpaper.

 It really was a lot of fun and we got three whistles done in a couple of hours.  They sound very pretty too. If I can convince Andy to let me record him, I will post it on here. He always says yes but ends up avoiding it-- he's shy about playing in front of people but is very good.

Some Tutorials, Plans and Tips for making CPVC and PVC whistles and other instruments if you'd like to try yourselves:


  1. Hello long lost friends. Can you come to knitting this Saturday? I would love to catch up. Mike says to telll Andy that the whistles are really cool. We'd love to hear them.

  2. Great! You always have such interesting posts! :)

  3. I'd love to hear them, too - pretty please, make Andy do it! Flutes have long been the only instrument we'd had at home, and even though no one in my family can truly play them in a sophisticated way, we all can play them sort of, and I have a childhood connected soft spot for them. :-)

  4. Jodi, I am very, very excited to come. I've missed everyone.

    Rachel Beth, Thanks so much.

    Hana, I play "sort of" too. Andy can actually play. :D

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Those are beyond amazing! I wish I had the skill to do that--truly incredible!


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