January 16, 2011

Colonial Games: How to Play Blindman's Buff

I think I will be starting a new Colonial Games post on Fridays detailing how to play different Colonial games. I know it's not Friday, but I would like to get a head start.

Blindman's Buff (or Blindman's Bluff) is a very old game that has been recorded in ancient Greece and has been popular all throughout the late 15th century through the 19th century.

The game is normally played outside or in a spacious area such as a barn or large room. One person's eyes are blindfolded. The other players will, make noise, tap and push the "blindman" slightly while the "blindman" attempts to catch one of the other players.


Once the "blindman" catches a player, he or she must then try to guess who they have caught. If the "blindman" guesses wrong the other players will clap to let the "blindman" know to let the prisoner loose. The game continues until the "blindman" catches and identifies another player. The caught player will then be the blindman next.

The other players must take care during the game to make sure that the "blindman" does not get hurt. They should signal to them if they are too close to a wall, piece of furniture, hole ect.  


  1. Thanks so much for commenting, Lauren. I love old games too.

  2. Especially old games that are still alive! I know we've played this several times. With my cousins when we were little, at school, or on various youth events - I'm not quite sure. It's still a popular game. :-) Although I have no idea whether it even has a name in Czech...

  3. Hana, here it is something that is talked about but no one really knows how to play or really plays it.

  4. I think in Czech it's a variation on "slepá bába" ("Blind old woman/hag" - something between those two :-), which is basically the same thing minus the guessing. Very popular among small children - at least it was when I was a small child.
    I guess the difference here is that you have a name for it and don't know how to play it, while we play it and don't even bother naming it. :-)

  5. P.S. An online wordbook I use translates "slepá bába" as "blind man's buff". I guess it is slepá bába, except that there are variations, depending on the age of the players.


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