January 21, 2011

Colonial Games: How to Play Thread the Needle

This is the second post about Colonial games, the first can be read here: How to Play Blind Man's Buff. 

Thread the Needle, Thread My Needle, Thread the Tailor's Needle is an old game that was popular for both girls and boys.

There are two popular versions of the game. In the first version, all join hands to make a line. The last two people of the line raise their arms to form an arch and the first person in line goes under the arch, leading the rest of the line under. The person who was previously first in the line then becomes the end of the line and will be one of the people forming the next arch. The new front of the line will now try to go under the new arch and the whole completed until the chain is broken. The point of the game is to try and do this many times without breaking the chain.

 The second version of this game was popular in the U.S. and includes a Biblical chant. Everyone holds hands and forms a line the two people at the head of the line chant "How many miles to Babylon?" The end two people chant in response "Three score and ten." The conversation continues "Can I get there by candle light?" "Yes, and back again." "Then open the gates with mere ado and let the King and his men pass through. The end couple then raises their hands up in an arch and the game is played the same as the first version.


  1. So THAT's where Stardust's Babylon candles come from!
    This, too, sounds familiar. Vaguely familiar. I guess games are always like that.

  2. Hana, I haven't seen the movie but was told that it played a part in it. Everyone tells me that the movie was really good though.

  3. And so am I. :-) Although that does not necessarily mean that you would like it, too...


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