October 28, 2010

Taking a Small Break:

For Halloween of course.                                     Anyone else exhausted?


  1. Yes, I'm exhausted, but this gives 'dead tired' a whole new meaning!

    We are using an authentic mid 19th century heel hugger coffin in a Civil War christmas production that I am directing, Keeping Christmas at Richland Church. It is so somber when it is borne in by Coonfederate soldiers.

    Cool picture though!


    Frank and Pamela

  2. Great shot!!
    I, too, lay in an authentic period coffin at an event last May. It fit perfectly...yikes! - - I then sepia'd the photo that was taken and it looks so authentic!
    I never posted it, tho' - - - my wife and kids have a very hard time looking at it.
    I should make it my profile page pic on facebook!

  3. Oh my goodness! The picture doesn't look like a "small" break! That's you, right? You look so pretty. . .I love the apron, I have one just like it.

  4. You need a prince to come and kiss you hehehehe

  5. ~Civil Folks, I'd love to see photos from it when you have it!

    ~Historical Ken, I considered that people might feel weird with me posting it but I think my family is okay with it-- they all like Halloween.

    ~Sophia, yes that is me. :D We have matching aprons, great minds must think alike.

    ~Jodi-- I think he's the one that caused that. Just kidding. :D

    ~Sarah Lynn--Thanks! I couldn't have written something better.

    ***I'm glad everyone liked the picture I had a lot of fun posing for it.***

  6. Stephanie Ann, I posted a pic from last year's production over at our blog, Civil Folks. It is a large picture so you can see the detail. Hope you can see it.

  7. Wow! That is a fancy coffin! I wish I could have seen that, it looks like a good production!


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