October 23, 2010

Tin Whistle: Cockles and Mussels Sheet Music and Blank Sheet Music for Tin Whistle

 I've been in the mood to learn "Cockles and Mussels" on the tin whistle. It's really a simple but pretty song. "Cockles and Mussels" (Molly Malone,) is a traditional and well known Irish song. It is widely accepted as the nonofficial song of Dublin. It's about a fishmonger in Dublin. You can here a MIDI of the song here. 

Not much is known about the origins of the song or if Molly Malone was a real person; however, there is a statue in Dublin commemorating "her."  The song was very popular at Harvard in the 1860s.

There are a lot of great renditions of this song out there. I recommend these:

Cockles and Mussels by ichingiching. 
Molly Malone by Fiffin Market/ Lexington Field. This is a pop rendition.
Molly Malone by Four Celtic Voices. This is a really pretty version played on the harp.

It is surprising that the lyrics to this song have changed very little throughout the years. Many traditional songs change with each generation.
I wrote out the tin whistle fingerings for beginners or anyone who doesn't like to read music. A plus sign next to a fingering means to play that note in the higher octave (use more air.)

I made some blank tin whistle (fife/Irish Flue/ ect.) sheet music for beginners or anyone who can't read music yet to use. It is also good for writing down sequences of notes you like while fooling around with the whistle.


  1. Thanks! My little brother likes to play on a tin whistle, he'll love to learn this!

  2. Sophia, I hope he does! It's a pretty song.

  3. I love this song. In Ireland she is known as the "tart with a cart." I like that version by four celtic voices. thanks.

  4. Hey, Jennifer. I like that version too.

  5. Thanks for the blank tin whistle page! Just what I needed to write a tune down.


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