October 12, 2010

The Russell Cemetery in Ridley Creek State Park

This is the long awaited post that I've had a lot of requests for ever since this post here: Trip to Ridley Creek State Park. The Russell Cemetery is a small family plot that was used from 1820 to 1861.

The Cemetery is in the state park and talked about frequently, especially around Halloween. 
I have heard a lot of stories of people looking for it but very few find it. It is nestled in a copse of trees at the very top of a grand hill, known as Hunting Hill which is still used by archery hunters today.

There is a lot of local folklore about the cemetery. To quote my previous post on the subject:"...one occupant ... Jesse Russell, a fox hunter, died on the 12th of September in1820 when he was 42 years old. It is said that he was buried standing up so as to better hear his hunting hounds after death."

The Russell family lived along Gradyville Road which runs through the park and I believe that the house is still standing.

The cemetery is far from the regular paths and is in the hunting area, so I wouldn't recommend going during hunting season, like I did. It's kind of a neat little cemetery and you wouldn't expect a cemetery to be so far removed from everything.

I'm not going to give directions to it, not only because it's a lot of fun to find it yourself and I'd hate to ruin that journey for anyone but also because it is a cemetery and I'd hate for anyone to disrespect or ruin it. It is a very tranquil place.
 A book excerpt about the family buried in this cemetery:
 To see the list of the 6 family members buried in this cemetery click here: Delaware County PA History.


  1. Ohhhh I want to go and see this . I've heard about it but never been.

  2. I hope you do go, Jodi. Everyone keeps asking about it.

  3. Hi Stephanie Ann! I have yet to order your Les Miz Week prize...but can you please me give your address so I can send it when it does arrive? Thanks!

  4. Anna, I'm sorry, I sent it to your gmail account. Do you have a different one?

  5. Hey again. =) Try sending it here:

  6. We found it on one of our hikes. You are right as it is difficult to locate. I would love to clean it up a little as it is so overgrown.

    1. Glad you found it! I've met a lot of people that express an interest in cleaning it up. We'd need park permission though and we'd all have to find it again :)

  7. I lived in the Russell house from 1945 to 1962 with my 6 sisters and brother not to mention my mother and father. I can find the house and cemetery with my eyes closed. Back then the worst thing that could ever happen did!! The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania took the property from the Jeffords, a big mistake. I visited briefly on 11/24/2018 and cried because of the neglect.


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