August 27, 2010

Sontag Civil War Knitting Update

In theory I was supposed to be finished the sontag by now, but I'm probably going to need another month. It is getting to that point where I like to put it up to myself frequently and imagine what the rest of it will look like when it's finished as I always do with sewing projects.

I am at the point where I decrease once every 4 rows. I always have to keep a tally on scrap paper when I have to "shape" knitting or else I forget where I am after every row. I am bad at knitting with charts but when I do, I have to color them in and use a sticky note to mark my spot.

Do any of you want to continue to add your links within the next few weeks as well or should I end them here? I'd still like to see everyone's projects as I don' t think any of us are finished yet. Everyone's sontag is looking really good. I thought that the basket weave pattern would be a problem for those of us who were new to it, but everyone has been doing really well with it. Is anyone also familiar with crocheting? If you are, are you considering crocheting the border?  


  1. Hmm. . .I think I'll crochet the border. I don't like picking up "dead" stitches.

    I'll continue to post about my sontag; I'll keep linking too.

    I'm really glad you hosted this! It's been fun not only knowing that other people are knitting "along side" me, but also getting a project done that I'd meant to do for so long!

  2. Sophia, yours is awesome! You got so much done! Most people say that you just stretch it until it fits. :D I don't know how to crochet, I am not sure if it will be easy for me to learn or hard. I have been having fun too. I can't wait to see if I recognize anyone in the field this year from seeing their sontags on here. :D

  3. Yes, I also think I'd like to crochet the border. I'm not very good at crocheting, but as I figured out while trying to save the first attempt on the sontag, I'm not good at picking stitches either...

    And I'd very, very much like to continue sharing the links. It would keep me going! I'd certainly appreciate that bit of outer help...

  4. Things changed. I give up on the sontag for now. It's giving me more trouble than I currently need. I have other projects to make and finish...

  5. I knitted the border as per the instructions bit I attached it to the sontag about every 12 rows and then whip stitched it when I was finished. It turned out great.


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