August 22, 2010

Civil War Era Knit-Along Update

Sorry this is late, I was stuck at the binding off part. I have decided to make the wings as is stated in the Piecework Magazine, to ensure that they are long enough. Even though the back is about 12 inches long, it still doesn't look long enough to reach my natural waist. I think it might reach after I put the trim on.

I hope I have enough yarn. With the alterations at the beginning, I might have to order more. Overall I am excited that I have even gotten this far in it. Binding off one side and working on part of it seemed like the hard part to me.


  1. It's looking great! And when you add trim, you'll find that it should be fine in size....don't forget, also, that this is stretchy, and meant to fit snugly!

  2. Thanks, so much. I can't wait until it is done! :D

  3. Great job! I just love that forest green color!

  4. Sophia, yours is really coming along! It goes pretty fast once you start the wings because there are a lot less stitches.


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