August 13, 2010

Civil War Knit-Along Update

I'm almost at the "scary" part of the pattern! The last time I tried to knit a sontag, the "wings" turned out to be much too tiny. I plan on making the additions that Mrs. Formby suggests on the Ragged Soldier pattern. It is starting to feel cozy on my lap, I'm sure it is going to be really warm.

I was going to switch to my really long needles for the photo so you could see it stretched to the fullest but I couldn't find them.  The photo doesn't really show how big it is.I hope it fits, I will be incredibly disappointed if it doesn't. It looks a little small but the border will add a little bit of length.

I believe I forgot to mention that we need a button for one of the wings for fastening it. I am thinking of getting a pretty mother-of-pearl button for it.

I would like to put a fancy crocheted border on it, but I can't crochet. If I figure out how to crochet one, I will, if not I'll just have to knit the one in the original Godey's pattern.  I can't wait for these to be finished! They look so pretty.  


  1. I'm slacking on this... I got an apetite for sewing my corded stays again, but today I'll, hopefully, knit some... and post about it.
    Yours looks good so far!

  2. Hana, It happens. I always have a million projects going at once. I've been setting aside time each night to knit a little bit. Normally when my mom and sister and I watch a T.V. show together. I can never just watch T.V., I always have to be doing something else. You can also take your knitting with you when you go out--you can't normally with sewing. I can't wait to see your stays when they are done as well.

  3. It's looking good....and you can easily knit a border for it in a different color thread...keep in mind that the original knitted border is pretty easy, and has "spots" simply darned (or embroidered) on to mimic the look of ermine.

    Glad it's working out for you this time...looking forward to seeing it!!

    Colleen Formby

  4. Thanks, Colleen. I have never tried to knit a border like that. I'm worried about the "wings" being too small and having to make two that match!

  5. Hi Stephanie, it's looking great! I actually just got my yarn in (lol) but I'm counting on catching up. The newest post on my blog has pics of the yarn.

  6. Hanna, I love the colors you picked. I'm sure you'll catch up, not that it has to be done in a month. It will be cool just to have them for this winter. Your current projects list is about as long as mine. Isn't it terrible? :D

  7. The problem now is that I have about a million projects going on at once, and I seem to have them out all at once... Now I'm dabbing into millinery as well. *phew* I should keep them in more order!
    I was taking my knitting on train, and an accident happened, which is part of the reason why I was slacking on it.

  8. NOT a train accident, don't worry. :-) Just a knitting accident...

  9. Hana, :D. Is the knitting okay, I think that it is hard to fix mistakes with the basket weave. You have to figure out which sides of the loops to go through and it takes a while! No worries. All of our project lists are huge. It's terrible! I have tons of wearable items that just need button holes or something small and I'm just never in the mood to do them.

  10. Oh my word yes. I tend to start too many projects at once and jump from one to the other, leaving half-finished projects in my wake. Don't worry--they do eventually get done. I've found that keeping track of stuff on my blog is a motivater and the knit-along is great for keeping me going! xD


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