May 8, 2015

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party

Hi everyone! Long time no post. I've been busy as I know most of you have been. Sometimes I wonder if my life is too history focused. In some ways this is a "lifestyle" blog dedicated to the weird world of living historians and reenactors. 

Sometimes I find myself clueless when others mention current events, other times I have no concept of the current month and year. Maybe the saying is true: "Historian: I'd find you more interesting if you were dead?"

The kids at work participating in Bells Across the Land to commemorate the symbolic end of the Civil War.

Our herd.

I told my friend I needed some adventure. So we climbed a big rock.

The frogs are out and noisy.

Had a weird day of pouring rain one minute and sun the next. Went to visit some friends.

Went on my first archaeological dig. It was pretty basic and close to home but one of the things on my bucket list. I really had a lot of fun and we found tons and tons of stuff which is typically uncommon at this sort of a thing.I hoping to do more in the future.

WWII guys holding Thanksgiving dinner.

I don't have to tell you that reenactors can act like school children, do I? Yes, that would be grown men writing kick me signs on each others backs. This was at the posing for a new painting by Jeff Trexler, the "it guy" for Civil War paintings. 

New babies born at work. The mom gave birth during a tour with school students who were very interested in the process.

I've been horribly sick ever since a kid sneezed on my at work. I couldn't stand being in the house doing nothing one day longer so I ended up at another WWII event. It was held at Graeme Park, a place I had not been to before but I heard a lot about from my former boss who did a lot of archaeology there. It was nice to be out but I still was completely sick and probably should not have gone.

In another attempt to leave the house while sick I went for a short walk but it looked like rain.

I hate to keep sharing lamb pictures but they're just so cute.

I hope everyone is enjoying the heat after that cold winter. 

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