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February 21, 2015

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party

 Cold wet and nasty has been the experience here the last few weeks. No one wants to leave their houses.

The construction on the roads mixed with the snow in my neighborhood is terrible. 

You know I live in Pennsylvania, right?

Lights in the slushy snow.

We are finally getting normal, light snow. For a while we were only getting slushy, wet snow that was impossible to move through.

Went out with the girls from dance class even though none of us wanted to leave the warm comfort of our houses.

We had a storm of 50 mph winds. Some of our electrical lines snapped and were making a whipping sounds in the wind. At 1 in the morning a tree fell on my neighbor's house, cutting the modular house into two, lengthwise. The young family; mom, dad, boy and girl all escaped with just scratches and bruises, the bulk of the tree, missing them by inches in their beds. We had a tree fall on our property last year as well but felt it was too negative to post about. You know that tree you've been meaning to get cut? Do it now.    

In another news, it's snowing again and it's looking like it will be another 4-5 inches.

Please be safe everyone. These storms, while lacking a lot of the snow of last winter, have still been very dangerous in terms of ice and wind.

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  1. Great pictures but I like the light/window/raindrops picture the best. :)


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