February 16, 2015

History Timeline Community with Robert Diez

I was lucky enough to meet up with Robert Diez, the creator and curator of a facebook community page called History Timeline.

Robert Diez is a Costa Rican American reenactor who reenacts both the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. He was enamored by reenactors in the United States as a child but found that there was no reenacting in Costa Rica and related that they haven't even had a military since the 1940s. He was inspired by stories of family involvement in the war and wanted "to see what they saw."

 He started reenacting at the 150th Gettysburg and was featured in the book, Seething Hell, which will come out in September. He was inspired to create this page as a place to post relevant and quality content for reenactors and history people and spends 2 hours a day filling it with content. Much of his content comes from his friends on the battlefields like Garry Adelman (Gettysburg,) Austin Bradford (Gettysburg,) and Erik Dorr (Harper's Ferry.)   

Even though his English is not always good, he relates that it hasn't affected his reenacting and noted that even though the majority of foreign soldiers were German and Irish, that during the duration of the war 20,000 Hispanics and Latinos fought, appearing on both sides of the conflict.

If you don't already follow his fast growing page, head on over there and be sure to like it before it gets cool.

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