March 10, 2014

Secret Life of Bloggers Blogparty: Post 10

Whew! Post 10 already! That makes 42 to go! This project always helps me see new things.This week there has been a lot of sunsets and food. The few nice days have been amazing but we are waiting for one more inch of snow. I'm sick again. It's horrible. I've never been thick sick so frequently ever before. I think it's a mix of the cold and spending a lot of time at work and not getting enough sleep. 



Cupcake photo shoot for a contest at work. The entry was not mine, but my boss'. I just styled and took the photo. This is a cannoli cupcake with whipped cream topping, topped with a canoli and chocolate chips. The cupcake itself is filled with cannoli filling.


Made fastnaughts (potato doughnuts). The cutest little lady at work asked me about them because she said they were a childhood memory when she went to a Moravian school and all of the young girls made these.   


Finally getting serious about learning bread making at home.


At 6 am, helped a man who slipped in the dark on the highway and walked quite far to find someone who was around and could speak English to call for help.


Went to an art show. Didn't have a chance to put any of my own work in though. It was still fun and I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile due to work.



This photo is a slight cheat. It was actually taken on Friday but I liked both the images so much that I couldn't pick. 


Daylight's Savings time has given me more time to see the sunsets.


  1. Those fastnaughts certainly look interesting; I think I've heard of them before but haven't eaten any.

    It was extremely kind of you to help that person out. It's nice when one person helps another. :)

    Daylight Saving Time hasn't yet come into effect over here; it doesn't start until March 30th.

  2. Everyone hates DST here. I like it. :)

    1. I like it, too; it means we get an extra hour of daylight! :D


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