March 17, 2014

Behind the Screen: Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party: Post 11

Recently, I haven't been posting much and when I have, the posts have been blog party posts. I feel bad because I dislike that my content is so party heavy right now and not so history heavy.

I started the blog party for me, as a way to see what other bloggers were up to and to get to know them better. I didn't think the posts would be very interesting to many people but I thought the bloggers would like them. I am very surprised that they are some of my highest viewed posts.  So I thought I'd answer the question that many of you, might be wondering: Why the Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party?

A while back a lot of bloggers were discussing how they felt their blogs misrepresent them as people. They were looking at various forms of social media and feeling that "facebook envy" that creeps up when it looks like everyone else in the world has it together and is doing interesting and exciting things. Many bloggers spent tons of time to make their posts look perfect on the screen.  But, then they realized just how much their blogs were misrepresenting their own lives. Through their blogs, their lives were sterile and perfect. Dinners looked like they came straight off of pinterest, rooms were always tidy and perfection came effortlessly.

What was on the screen was worlds away from how they felt their lives really were and they wanted to let their readers know that they are real people too. It was fascinating to see the "behind the scenes" from some of my favorite bloggers.

I didn't feel that my blog made my life more perfect than it was but I did feel that when I met people who read my blog that they thought that history was the only thing in my life when it is actually just one part of my life.

I'm a huge history geek, that's no secret, but there is also more to me and my life. Despite popular belief, I actually spend more time at work than at reenactments. :)  I also have an equal love for reading, writing, photography and art as I do history. So I do enjoy getting to share the other things I am doing. It makes me feel better represented.


I finally got my computer monitor calibrated so now I can print photos!


Spent a good amount of time fooling with my camera.

 Worked at another bakery, than the one I normally work at. They had a lot of old, dirty textured items that I thought would be really fun to take photos of. 


Went with my dad to the hardware store to look at tile.

 Got my finger in the bread slicer at work. Good thing it only got my nail! That could have been bad.


Spring is almost here!


  1. Love your pictures! I hope my blog party doesn't misrepresent me.

  2. I appreciate this background to the Blog Party! When you started it back in May-June of last year, I remember you saying that it was to give a glimpse into the lives of bloggers to highlight the fact that they are real people and not "perfect" bloggers. Even before the Party, I never felt as though your blog misrepresents you and I have never felt envy or any other type of animosity towards you or your blog. :)

    While I'm just one person, it's fine with me that your recent posts have been Party-heavy...I love your blog no matter what! I appreciate that blogs sometimes go through "slow" periods and if you've only had time for Party-related posts, that's completely understandable. Your real-life does come first.

    As for your pictures, that's spring/water picture is beautiful and in regards to that part about the bread slicer, I'm so glad that you didn't cut your finger!

    1. Thanks! I'm surprised so many people actually are viewing them.

  3. I'm back participating again - I'll have to do several to catch up after being in the hospital for 3 weeks. I enjoy the blog party, but I am confused that there doesn't seem to be a linky or way to find the others who are participating - although I'm still pretty wiped out so I'm not so good at both blogging and reading everyone else's blogs right now. :( Anyway, here's my most recent one. Glad you didn't do any real damage to your finger!


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