January 25, 2014

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party: Post #4

Happy Friday! This week I pretty much did nothing but work. (At least it was Friday, when I typed this post up. My computer has been giving me tons of problems lately.) It may be time to start saving for a new computer. This month is coming to an end and it's been hard to remember to take a photo everyday but hopefully it will become habit. I can't help but think of how cool it will be to have the collection of photos at the end of the year and to see a full year in photos.


Feeling under the weather on and off all week. I feel like I'm being such a bum because I've been sleeping so much and not getting a lot done. It's horrible that I've been fantasizing about sleep.


Started putting together my outfit for a dance get together I am going to next weekend with friends.


Andy and I played a very close game of Egyptians. So close that we were tied and the first person to roll a 1 would win. I rolled a 1 first but then we let Andy roll just for fun. He likewise rolled a 1.


Birds out in the cold. 


Snowed enough that by 2:30 when I was leaving work, my car was already under 6 inches of snow. I ended up leaving my car in the parking lot and walking home.


Polar vortex part II. 


Worked on dance outfits with a friend. We ended up getting little done and defaulted to girl talk and catching up instead. We did get a little done and made plans to meet up again before we need them.


Much needed color after all of this bleak winter white and gray.

Hope everyone is staying safe in this cold and taking time to hibernate and enjoy toasty indoor activities.


  1. Looks like a wonderful week! Love the pictures! Hope you feel better soon.

    1. I'm trying I think working a lot is prolonging it. Thanks!

  2. There's no need to feel lazy if you're unwell, although I do understand the feeling; still, you can't help it if you're sick!

    Those strawberries look tasty. :)


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