October 9, 2013

A Second Summer, A Beautiful Fall

We are having a beautiful fall. The leaves are beautiful and the weather, warm.I've been doing a lot of things and have visited a lot of places. One of the downsides to being a blogger is that you sometimes feel the need to record instead of just enjoy. I believe this week cured me of that.

I had 4 posts planned out and was upset that I was away so much that I didn't get a chance to write. I had a ton of fun and took 400 photos over the week.  I couldn't believe how effortlessly these posts were going to write themselves. I did all of the fun things you're supposed to do in fall.

I admired the changing leaves. Ran through a corn maze. Observed the migratory birds in their flight. Collected the fall harvest. Roasted marshmallows on breezy night. Went camping, sailing and hiking.   

I couldn't wait to get home and write those posts.

My computer took hours uploading my files off of my camera card. It was so slow I couldn't really do much while they were uploading, including write. The next day I try to open my files, but every time I opened one, my computer would freeze. After one more day of trying, I decided I was just going to upload them, sight unseen based upon the thumbnails.

I try to upload to the internet, and it doesn't work. It doesn't work a second time. I have to upload each image individually. So here is my photo post, in no particular order. And next time I think posting will be very easy, I know better.

A cloud pretending to be a sail.


  1. Wow. The pictures are great. :) I really like the rainbow one in the waterfall. I also love the one of the clouds. Was that one taken at the campground? I had such a good time. Thanks for coming. :)

    1. Thanks. That photo was taken in DE at a site that for some reason doesn't like to be named. Maybe they have their own photographers and manage their image?

  2. I love these pictures, especially the waterfall shots (I agree with Andy about the rainbow and waterfall), the cloud sail and the distance shots. Well-taken photographs, Stephanie! :)

    1. Thanks! I've never had photos give me that many problems! :)


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