June 7, 2013

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party Post # 2

Welcome to the second week of the blog party. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's posts! We've had a few new attendees this week, please visit their blogs from the links at the bottom of the post. This week has been so busy, I really had to force myself to take photos. I still haven't learned to always keep some sort of camera with me and was caught off guard once this week. Hope everyone else had better luck.


I wish I didn't have to post such morbid photos but today I visited my friend for the night. Last month her neighbor's house caught on fire and last week one of Andy's coworker's house caught on fire as well. Both families pretty much lost everything but were safe. With all of the stress our electronics are increasingly putting on out outdated electrical systems in our houses, fires are a huge problem. If you don't have a disaster readiness plan, now is the time to put one together with your family.       


A shot of my reading list this month. It's probably slightly ambitious and will most likely take two months. I'm a slow reader so as long as I get to at least two books a month, I am happy. 


Nice day with a tiny bit of rain. Andy and I went to a reenactment meeting with our company to work out all of the logistics for the Gettysburgs this year. I was asked to make some alterations to a pair of pants, which were promptly claimed by this adorable kitty.  


This really has been a rainy summer. Yesterday was very hot but today it's rainy again and the school has cancelled, which means I don't have to go to work and can finally get some cleaning done. I make lots of "To do" lists and wouldn't have a brain without them. 


Today was beautiful. It was warm with a nice breeze. It felt like spring. The new baby lamb was out and about prancing with it's little tail wagging behind it. I worked a little bit on the cookbook that I haven't touched in over a year due to school. I can't believe how far I was. 


It seems that this year is a good year for turtles. We found this one at work but had to find a way to remove it as it is a Snapping Turtle and we were about to have school children show up. After seeing this huge turtle, we started wondering how turtle shells grow exactly. It turns out that each shell has plates called "scutes" and as the turtle grows, each scute grows bigger.

Weather was warm but slightly chilly. Some people from work went rafting today down a nearby river. On the trip we saw a baby snapping turtle, doggie paddling around in the water. I also saw a snail on a tree. I don't think I've ever seen a snail in the wild before. I've seen plenty of slugs but never a snail with a shell and of course, I had no camera with me to take a photo of it. :) The photo is from my cookbook research which has been going on and off for the last few years. I have a lot more to add to it now.

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  1. I'm sorry about your friend's neighbor and Andy's coworker; I hope the victims of those fires will be okay.

    Despite your concerns, I think you did a good job this week, Stephanie. :) I especially like the lamb and the snapping turtle.

    Also, without sounding selfish, it's kind of a relief to hear about a fellow slow reader! ;)

  2. Aww, cute cat and lamb. :)

    I'm sorry about Andy's coworker. :( That's always tough.

    Looks like a good week otherwise.

  3. That East India Company book looks interesting! We studied that last year. I have my post up.

    1. I haven't read that one yet but I hope it will give me some insights into the spices that were making it to the American colonies to the period.

  4. I love the animal pictures, especially the cat! So cute! My internet got cut off and I just got it back today so I was late in getting my post up but I finally got it up!

  5. Hi Steph, I want to join your group. Do I need to wait til next week to start? I will put your button on my blog. P.S. Bron says to say she misses you and Andy.

  6. Hi Jodi! We miss you guys too. All you have to do is take a photo a day of something in your life that you don't think you'd generally blog about and post them all in one post on Friday.I'm excited that you will be joining us!


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