June 17, 2013

My Murtaugh List

Today's post was inspired by my recent birthday and the show, How I Met Your Mother. In the show, Ted makes a "Murtaugh list" when he turns 30. On this list, Ted detailed what her thought people were too old for by the age of 30. He claims that the name of his list was inspired by the character, Roger Murtaugh in The Lethal Weapon movies whose catch phrase is "I'm too old for this 'stuff.'"

Some things on Ted's List:
  • Pulling an all-nighter
  • Getting an ear pierced
  • Hanging posters without frames
  • Eating an entire pizza in one sitting
  • Do laundry at mom’s house
  • Put off going to the doctor
  • Crash on a friend’s futon
  • Leaving an annoying two person message on your answering machine
  • Helping someone move out of a sixth floor walkup in exchange for pizza and beer
  • Going to a rave
In the spirit, I made a list of all of the things I feel too old to do anymore. 

I am too old to:

-Eat complete garbage. I used to be fine with eating processed and frozen foods and while my body used to be able to function on negative nutrition, it's just not the case anymore.

-Not get sleep. I used to practically be an insomniac. I just don't have the time to not get sleep. I know it seems counterproductive to sleep instead of work but each hour I work after getting some sleep will be at least two times more productive.

-"Rough it" super-intense campaigner style just to prove how tough I am. I'm too old to not enjoy my weekends and too old to damage my body from sleeping next to the fire instead of under a couple of wool blankets.    

-Put things off. I used to be able to put things off and do everything last minute. Now I have to be over prepared in advance and do things right away before they snowball into giant problems. I'm still a procrastinator, but the important stuff, school, work get dealt with before they become bigger problems.

-Go to raves, clubs and a good majority of concerts. When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time at places like this. While I like a good concert as much as the next person, I'm too old to do this kind of thing every Friday night, every month or even every three months. I am also unashamed to say that I am officially old enough to admit that the music at concerts is just too loud for me now. :P  I'm so old, I actually want to be able to hear my friends talk when we go out.

-Censor the uncouth pleasures I am guilty of partaking in. That means you, Dance Moms and Taylor Swift. I just listened to "22", 6 times while writing this post.

-To do or finish everything. There are only so many hours in the day and I have already spread myself so thin that I stopped really doing or experiencing anything. I no longer have to finish every hobby project I start or finish every book I start reading. Heresy, I know. There are so many experiences out there, I now have to be choosy. At a certain point, you only have time for the most meaningful or enjoyable. We can't make it to every outing, party, concert, or activity. Sometimes it's okay to say "no."    

It's a long list, but I'm really not upset. Many things I once enjoyed or did as a teenager bring me no joy anymore. I am typically beyond happy to add something to this list because it opens up space on another list. My "Things to Do Before I Die list" has been growing.  But I'm really excited to say I have been checking off things on that list like crazy in the last year and hope to keep plowing forward.

Principles of Correct Dress, 1914
 I'd love to hear some of your Murtaugh list items! When was the last time you caught yourself thinking "I'm too old for this."  :)


  1. It makes me laugh about 22 but she has good music though sometimes I dont like its lyric.

    I feel old to be fan of Selena Gomez. I just like her she has been inspiring me. I feel old to watch Macbarbie07...it has been 3 years that I used to watch her channel. but she is such a blessing for many girls in the world hehe.


    1. I feel old because I am no longer in their target demographic.

  2. I decided I'd stop pulling out my white hairs when I turn 30...
    I'm already experiencing some of what you write about now at 25. Things of the "not enough time for everything, have to be choosy" variety, and somewhat the "uncouth pleasures" thing (not quite yet, but I do find I function better when I listen to nice music with clever lyrics and not just catchy tunes). And the garbage food. I surrender at times, but I tend to make much more food from scratch now.

    1. White hairs? Your hair always looks georgeous in photos!


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