May 31, 2013

The Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party Post #1

Thank you to all who have chosen to participate! I can't wait to go around and read everyone's posts. I was partly inspired to host this blog party by the journals many Quaker women kept during the Colonial period. Many times, they only gave an account of the weather and a short summary of the events of the day.

Here is an excerpt from the diary of Hannah Callender, a Philadelphia Quaker in the 1750s:

2nd day.--Rode a mile to Preserve Brown's where we passed the morning agreeably in seeing his mill and its works, attending to the fall of the water, pleasing discourse, fishing, &c. till 2 o'clock. Then we set out for Burlington, through Crosswicks, and pleasantly home by six o'clock.

The entries were short and simple but still gives us a lot of insight into their lives. I hope that we can add another, more personal, dimension to our blogs. So without further ado, my photos from this week:


Today I attended a lovely vow renewal ceremony for a couple who has been married for 50 years, which subsequently did not prevent 50% of the couple from tearing it up on the dance floor. :) 


I went for a nice walk in the woods near a river, where I stumbled upon something of a tent city. Graffiti, fire-pits and impromptu shelters right along the water. Then went to a Memorial day get-together picnic and got to see some of Andy's family.


Had the opportunity to walk through a submarine while in Philadelphia. I took a lot of nice photos from all of the interesting stuff we saw this day, it was very hard choosing just one. This one was taken in the submarine, Becuna.   


There's something funny about where I work. There are no gas stations between my house and there so I generally won't get gas until I HAVE to. My dad had to move the car this morning and exploded because he claimed that the gas gauge was on "E." I had to snap a photo of the gas gauge when I was on level ground to prove that I would never park the car in the driveway on empty. He also didn't think it was very funny when I told him I was hypermiling all week on those last few drips of gas like Wayne Gerdes. :)  It rained all day at work and the kids were soaked.


Today, I thought I'd be reporting on my new camera. Instead, our ox got loose at work today and the gentleman that fetched him sustained a hand wound which I ended up having to patch up in the kitchen. He bled a good deal outside before coming in and I had to do a good kitchen clean up before the kids showed up. I can only imagine the faces of the kids if they saw that in the kitchen. My coworker assured that it "isn't as bad as it looks, I'm on blood thinners." I also went to the library today and got 5 books out to keep me busy.   


Today I was giving tours of the house at work. It was very hot. As we walked down the hill to greet the students, we were already covered in sweat. Unfortunately something awful happened! A water main broke near us and the water closest to the house was unavailable as gallons and gallons per second were shooting from the ground uphill from us. Luckily, we had some water stored up in plastic jugs.

So far here is our list of our blog party attendees:

Andy from Crotchety Drones. 

Andrew from Air Nice-to-Livelands

Jeff from Dispatches from Company 'Q.'

Jess from Musings of a Creative Writer .

Laurie from Teacups in the Garden and Teacups Among the Fabric.

Please visit everyone's blogs and get to know them! Please invite your friends and readers to participate in the blog party too. Fear not if you didn't get to participate this week, leave a comment and I can add you for next week! :)


  1. Impressive piece, Stephanie; I look forward to seeing more. :) The part about the couple married for 50 years is absolutely beautiful.

    My post for the party isn't quite done but it will be up later today!

  2. This is a neat idea! I'd love to start participating! :) I'm over at!

    1. Looking forward to it! I'll add you to the list for next week. :)

  3. The 50th anniversary story is great! My post is up on both blogs.

  4. Nice pictures. :) I'll be posting my pictures from the game last night!

  5. This is such a cute idea! I will try to participate... heaven knows I take enough photos... :)


  6. Great, Caroline! Really looking forward to it. :)

  7. I missed out on the beginning, too, but I like the idea a lot! If I can make a sum-up post, like this one, I may even be able to participate - I certainly could not if it required daily blogging!

    1. Looking forward to it, Hana. I added you to the list.


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