May 24, 2013

The Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party

The blogosphere has been quiet lately so I thought I'd throw a blog party!

Having kept this blog for a number of years I still feel that my readers don't get to meet the whole me. As I am increasingly encountering people who tell me that they recognize me from my blog. Sometimes I feel like I let them down. On my blog, I seem like a crazy history person, which I am. But if you meet me, I am just as likely to be running around in the woods in my Chuck Taylors, snapping photos of furry woodland creatures as I would be wearing period dress.

So I decided I'd start posting some photos from everyday that would show parts of my life that didn't typically make it to the blog. I thought it would be great for giving my readers a little more of a sense of who I am and I'd really like to get to see the lives of other bloggers.

If you would like to participate please leave a comment on the party page and I'll include your web addresses so other people can view your pictures.

Here's an example I made this week, hopefully they will be a little more eventful in the coming weeks:    


My little herbs waiting to be big enough to be planted in the garden.


Cooking with the students at work. We typically make sugar cake, shortbread, stewed apples and whipped cream. Yum!


Getting ready to teach dancing at work. It was 88 degrees and so humid! I should have took a photo after I was finished. I was exhausted.


Today at work we found this little lady, possibly finding a nice spot to lay eggs. We had thunderstorms and I thought the school might cancel. 


Still rainy here. We thought the school would decide to cancel. Everyone came out and we had a good time, although cold and wet. I hope to finish the night off with some Singapore Mei Fun sans meat and chicken. It's one of those things I really like on a dreary day.

Hope everyone joins in! Lets get some more conversation in the blogosphere!


  1. Great idea and great pictures! I'll definitely join the party!

  2. Can't wait, Jess. You always have interesting photos.

  3. I suppose I could participate in this party, for those who don't watch me post my entire life on Facebook...


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