January 10, 2013

The Beginnings of Spring

It seems as if we are not going to have a particularly cold or long winter. Typically in winter, I feel so cooped up in the house that I cannot wait for those first glimpses of spring. The bleak, dreary winter normally has me anxiously searching for little green buds protruding from the snow and birds collecting together on small patches of grass.

But this winter was hardly a winter. I miss the beauty and silence of winter. I enjoyed the few short snows we've had.

After the snows ended, I went for a walk to enjoy the last signs of winter. I saw these adorable squirrels playing with each other. They looked like brothers, making mischief.

The snow in my back yard from that last sprinkle was beautiful. I liked how each fence board had a tiny tuft of snow sitting on it. After this sprinkle, the yard was covered in tiny cat paw prints.

 This was taken at a local park. The frozen lake was stunning. I just fell in love with the colors on it. 

This tree looked like it had something to say.

This is probably the end of winter this year. Reenacting season fast approaches. I usually use those snow days to get sewing and knitting done but this year absolutely nothing new was sewn.

I've really been wanting a dressier new dress. I'm not the female reenactor who owns trunks of dresses. I just have two very simple ones that I have been wearing for years.

I think I'm finally ready to attempt draping my own bodice with the help of Elizabeth Stewart Clark's Dressmaker's Guide. I'm a notoriously bad fitter and it typically takes me 1,000 tries to get something to fit properly.

I do look forward to seeing all of the sewing projects from the Historical Sew Fortnightly, a blogger challenge to sew 26 historical garments. I'll be lucky if I finish one or two this year. :)

I hope everything is well with everyone and that you got to enjoy some winter fun.


  1. I'm hoping it's not a winter like last year, but it sure is looking like it. :( That depresses me. I love winter.


    1. I know. I might actually see you at school this semester, though.

  2. It's close to freezing here in my part of the United Kingdom! The weather services have said that we're supposed to receive snow this weekend, but I'm hoping we won't as I know some people who have to travel. If we get some snow I'll send it to you. ;)

  3. Love the pictures! We've had tons of snow out here in the west. We're excited for a break.

    1. Thanks for commenting, please send some up this way. :)

  4. We've had one good snow fall so far here in southeastern Michigan, which is already more than last year. I'm hoping for more...
    Anyhow, wonderful pictures here on your post - they really give off a nice feel.

    1. We had very little last year too. It was disappointing. Thanks.


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