January 7, 2013

Open Letter to the Boy Who Found My Blog Twice, Using the Query "Do Girls Think Reenactors are Lame?"

Dear Deeply Misguided (possible) Reenactor,

No. Girls don't think reenactors are lame. Really.

That's the short answer. I can personally vouch, once you go reenactor, anything else seems too normal (read: boring.) And while, I am not all girls, there are plenty of girls totally into it.


There are a lot of reasons that girls like reenactors. Here are some possible reasons below:

1. Guys who reenact tend to like history. People who tend to like history tend to read books and research. People who read books and research tend to be smart. So many reenactors (the variety  that is invested in history) tend to be smart. Smart guys impress the girls. 

2. Guys who reenact have a passion. Guys with passions are far more interesting than guys who just "hang out" or like "stuff." 

3. Not only that, guys who reenact have a passion that girls can understand. Many girls will be impressed by your understanding of the evolution of fashion and your ability to perform basic alterations. If you can't sew and she can, she'll be happy to help you out. If you can sew and she can't, you can sew for her. It's win-win.

4. Girls like gentlemen and guys who reenact have a chance to perfect their mannerisms and many do. This is a big deal. Girls like honest gentlemen who know they will respect them at all times. 

5. Reenactors dance, ladies love to dance. Plus, you can take her to a ball. What other kind of guy can do that?   

6. Reenactors tend to travel all over the country. Traveling makes people more interesting and more aware. She might even want to go too. 

7. Reenactors are tough. They have a hobby where they sleep on the ground in the cold, eat food not suited to the modern palate and wear wool in the summer. 

8. Reenactors are adaptable. This comes from long strings of events where everything goes wrong. Important tools are left behind, important people don't show up, and tents fly away. This adaptability is an awesome relationship skill. Car break down on a date? A reenactor will keep a girl laughing and in good spirits. 

9. Reenactors hang out with people of all ages. They can get along with a lot of people. They fit into families quite well. At Christmas dinner a nice reenacting guy can chat up a girl's grannie and play soldiers with little Tommy, instantly becoming a family favorite. Girl's value guys who get along and are well liked by her family.

10. Reenacting tends to be family oriented. Ladies like that, at least the ones worth pursuing like family oriented activities. Many of them want families someday. Family values are a major plus.

11. Reenactors have interesting stories that are pretty out of the ordinary. They spend their spare time doing interesting things. Interesting is good. 

That's the long answer. Obviously these are generalizations and it's unfair to generalize people but I thought about all of the reenacting men I know, which is a lot, and these are the traits a lot of them have in common. I also know that these won't apply to all girls. I clearly don't know your situation, but if reenacting is something you love, then you should only worry about girls who respect it, even if it isn't their thing. In addition, if any girl tells you reenacting is lame, she probably secretly knows that it's awesome. 


  1. They are all very good reasons and some, I hope that boy can read. And certainly the end of the explanation is what I like :) Best regards from Spain (my apologies for my bad English)

    1. Thanks for the comment, your English is fine. My Spanish is horrible. :)

  2. I married a reenactor, and I became one too!

  3. I find it sad that someone had to ask this. One of the (many) advantages with women's equality is that women can take part in any activity that men can. Men can re-enact and so can women; women are no more or less likely to find it lame than men are. Besides, women are a crucial part of historical re-enacting!

    I will also add that anyone who really cares for another person will not worry about what their profession or hobbies are.

    Novel idea, Stephanie, in writing an "open letter" to someone who found your blog through a particular search. I might even do that myself one day, depending on what keywords someone uses to find my blog! :)

    1. I always get a giggle from those keywords but this one I couldn't help writing to. :)

    2. Yes, the crucial part of historical-reenacting that gets to cook over the fire and sit on the porches and sew... either that or follow behind the soldiers with a bucket.

      As a woman, no matter how much I love wearing the clothes or how many wonderful people I've met in the hobby, it's not often pleasant to put one's self into the role of second class citizen. Reenacting is SUCH a boy's club... and that gets old pretty quick.

    3. I agree but we are very fortunate in my group to attend a few good events that are lady friendly or have a lot for women to do.

      I know, we can cook and clean at home. :)

  4. I agree with Andrew, it is sad. :( And with that being said, Andrew is also right about if someone likes someone it won't necessarily matter. Of course, I like men reenactors as much as I like rock stars. ;)


  5. You hit the nail on the head! Great answers! Loved it - - -

  6. Wow,I agreed with every one of those statements. Very nicely put!

  7. You forgot to add "Girls love men in uniforms". It doesn't matter what uniform- marines, UPS delivery men, firemen... but re-enactors are especially romantic.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. I read the first bit and burst out laughing. Bit of a random question to google. lol!

    1. I always like to read the keywords people use to find my site. Some are just downright weird. :)

  10. So true! As a young reenacting woman, I can definitely say that a guy who reenacts is far more attractive to me than one who doesn't (or worse - won't!), and for those exact qualities you listed. After getting to know so many reenactors, I tend to find non-reenactors rather dull now ;) I hope that young man finds your post!


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