}); World Turn'd Upside Down: Virtual Christmas Tour of Longwood Gardens

December 25, 2011

Virtual Christmas Tour of Longwood Gardens

 Merry Christmas!

A few days ago, a friend took me to Longwood Gardens to celebrate the end of the semester. I am a native Pennsylvanian who lives about 30 minutes from Longwood Gardens; but I haven't been there since I was little. For some reason, we tend to write off the places that we are close to as nowhere near as exciting as those places farther away. :D

I wish I could have wrote more, but it's Christmas. I hope all of you have a good holiday and enjoy the photos. 


  1. Lovely photographs (and I understand completely what you mean by preferring places further away from home). Merry Christmas again from me! :)

  2. I LOVE LWG! My parents are members, so we went on opening night.:) Since I was given a professional camera, I can't wait to go to LWG in the spring.

  3. Thanks Andrew, you too.

    Jess, That's so neat. You'll have to show me your photos. One of these days I'll get a nice camera.


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