December 8, 2011

The End is Almost Near!

Really! Finals are almost over and I can't wait to post about all of these things I've wanted to post about! This semester has been the worst and I really can't wait until it is over!

I have included an image of what college students look like at 1 am studying for finals. :(

I am so excited to finally be able to clean the house, read books that aren't for classes, research, and write again!

 The good news is that the torture ends December 16th! I look forward to hearing what everyone has been up to!


  1. YES! My children's lit class was the bane of my existence.

  2. Hang in there. You will make it! I hear those same groans of agony from my daughter (also a history major) so I can relate to what you are going through.

    I'm looking forward to your getting to the other side, too...I enjoy reading your posts. Can't wait to read more--but wish you a peaceful, restful semester break FIRST!

  3. I think you look cute! I remember those days. I used to walk around like a zombie! You'll do it. Get some rest.

    -Mary Beth

  4. GOOD LUCK!!!! :D My finals start tomorrow so I'm feeling your pain. I hope you do well and find some time to relax! :)

  5. Jess, I hope you finish that book in time for finals. Good Luck!

    Jacqi, I hope your daughter gets through it as well!

    Mary Beth, I am a zombie. :D I'm surprised I can function.

    Mary, Good luck! I can't wait to be able to catch up on your posts.


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