June 13, 2011


I haven't died. I did go to an event and planned to give a detailed, photo heavy account of the action. Unfortunately, I was stuck in the parking lot the whole weekend directing cars. We had some horrible thunderstorms and we were trying to keep the cars from getting stuck as they were parking on very wet grass.

I was surprised at the number of people who arrived 10 minutes after the battle started and expected a parking spot right up front. In fact, during the battle, we were already in the second overflow lot. Many complained of the long walk. In all honesty, the walk was about 1/4 of a mile. Many ignored the staffers parking cars are parked anywhere they pleased. A few declared that they had "four-wheel drive," in which we responded "but not all of the cars who will be driving after you, do."

So what was supposed to be fun ended up in a conversation about the degradation of American society. Since when can't we walk 1/4 of a mile (note: it would have been a much shorter walk had they shown up an hour or two before the battle) and feel entitled to park anywhere we feel despite the mess we would leave behind to everyone else at the event?

During the event, my camera died, so unfortunately this post has to be without pictures. Despite the cranky people, we still kept high spirits and had fun. It was a very boring job.  



  1. Aww. Surprisingly despite me working almost full time, I can write a lot more. O_O

  2. *sigh*
    400 m?
    Another proof that we Czechs are a weird nation. *sarcastic chuckle* We're used to walking, and I hope it won't change for a long time to come (although, sadly, yes, it's deteriorating). We expect to walk on a special day outdoors. For me, it would not be a special day outdoors if it didn't involve walking...
    I'm glad you could enjoy it in spite of all that.

    BTW, could you, please, put up that widget for sharing our Knitalong posts? I don't have a post yet, but I would like to be sure I can share it.

  3. Good Jess!

    Hana, I'll put it up after work today. I agree that walking really should be expected. Just think of all of those scenes in Jane Austen books that happen while the characters are walking. :D

  4. So we call ourselves reenactors and revel at the fact that we do our best to bring the past to life, but won't actually walk a little ways like those who we are emulating did? For shame!
    Just so you know, I've run into reenactors such as these as well.


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