June 17, 2011

Civil War Era Purse Knit-Along Update #2

It's Friday and that means another Knit-along update. I have only knitted 2 out of my 20 stripes but hope to get a lot done next week at a reenactment. I have decided to stay with the purple and white and plan to line it in bright red silk. I really like the pattern, even if it is a really simple one. The first swatch I made, I definitely was working to tightly and so my hands were hurting from knitting. This time I have kept it very loose and it is much easier for me to knit. For those of you participating, please link your progress on the widget at the bottom of this post.

However today I really need to do a bit of summer cleaning. I still have papers left over from school, books, clothing, ect. collecting in my room to the point that I can't think. I always like to keep a bit of creative chaos in my bedroom but this is too much and it's time for a total cleaning. I don't know how all this stuff collects!

It feels more difficult to simplify when you are required to purchase things for school that you have no use for when school is out. I have a calculator, book bag and numerous textbooks with nothing to do until school starts up in August. Not to mention those textbooks that are useless and no one wants. (You can't sell them back because of a new edition, you can't sell them online, library sales do not want them, thrift stores don't want them, and you feel bad sticking it in the recycling bin.) 

Books are also a terrible part of simplifying. I love me books but there really is no room for any more. In my future home, I am going to have to have a library like old-fashioned manors used to have. I never buy fiction so my collection is mostly nonfiction and stuff that the local libraries do not have. I never purchase a book that I know I will never read again or that I can borrow. 

I have long considered turning it into a lending library. :D


  1. hey, that purse is looking promising. Don't forget about bread-making Wednesday. Bron is excited, too. And I think we could both get a blog post out of it. What do you think?

  2. Of course, I can't wait. Are there particular kinds of yeast and flour you recommend?

  3. I get my yeast in bulk in Lancaster; and I like to use King Arthur flour (personal preference). I have made breads with rye and wheat flour, and spelt, too. Spelt is delicious. Don't worry about the ingredients, I'll supply them. But bring your colonial cookbook--I'm interested. I was thinking we could get together in the morning, around 10:30. Is that good for you?

  4. I'm terribly behind - family and school. :-) But I'll catch up one day...

  5. I have a start on this lovely purse. I'm making it to go with a Queen Victoria reinactment costume, so it is in mourning colors. I've finished the knitting, and am working on the lining and edging. the blocked knitting is here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4245734379941.2182731.1183084350&type=3


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