}); World Turn'd Upside Down: Full View Godey's Lady's Book for January 1864

December 30, 2010

Full View Godey's Lady's Book for January 1864

I really love it when people have wonderful resources at their disposal and take the time to share them with others. I decided to digitize one of my Godey’s Magazines that wasn’t available online so everyone can benefit from it. I wish it turned out a bit nicer but I couldn’t use my scanner without damaging the magazine. The benefit of using my camera is that the pictures are of a really high resolution. You can read it in my pages at the top of my blog page. It is really hard to read in picture form, anyone who would like a PDF copy of it, please leave a comment with an e-mail I can send it to or send an e-mail to TheSailorsWifeSA@Aim.com.

Enjoy! (Oh, and I promise, no more Civil War posts for a while, I've been neglecting other periods and topics terribly.)


  1. So nice!!! I'd love to get a PDF version. My email is unhappy.spine@gmail.com

  2. Thanks!!! Sent e-mail./

  3. Thank you for sharing! I just love a good Godeys :)

    I have been reading here, but have never had time to comment (so expect a few months worth ;P) My first quarter of college was horribly busy/crazy! I'll have more time for blogs/blogging this next quarter, hopefully. I shall savor these last few days of break!

  4. I would love a PDF version! Thanks so much for taking all those pictures that must have taken forever! My e-mail is astitchintime.info@gmail.com .

  5. Victorian Era dressing is such a vast subject!


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