December 18, 2010

Family Christmas Traditions

I dislike Christmas. Maybe dislike is a strong word. Over the years my family has amassed a great deal of Christmas traditions. There are a lot of fun ones like driving around looking at everyone's Christmas lights and singing Christmas carols in the car on the way to church. But there are some family traditions that I think need to be done away with. My grandmother and my mother host a big Christmas party for my extended family on Christmas day. While I like the party and seeing everyone, I really wish I could spend Christmas day quietly with my immediate family.I really don't get to spend much time with them and I wish we could just spend it together.

I think this party adds a lot of stress to what could be a very pleasant Christmas. We have to have the party on Christmas Day because that's what has always been done. We eat the same meal every year, even the dishes that no one in the family likes or can eat because it is what we've always had. Would you believe that we even stick to the same topics every year? (School, work, 1970s guitarists, and football.)  

This tradition has really made me think different about traditions. I think it is very important to reevaluate traditions occasionally. Holidays are supposed to be fun, any tradition that stops being fun should be done away with. I hate dreading the holiday and wonder how I would celebrate Christmas when I have a family. Will I keep some of these traditions? Probably, but I know I will do away with some of them. I'd never want anyone to dislike such a special holiday. 

Are there any holiday traditions that you dislike? Any that you really like? 


  1. I used to have certain parts of Christmas that I would dread. Now, what I do is to try to offset the parts I don't like with what I do like. For instance, if you've read my blog of late you've seen some of the things I/we do to celebrate the holiday. You're a reenactor and I know you love history - can you somehow incorporate that into your celebration, maybe on Christmas Eve, and in that way you can still have something positive to look forward to. If not on Christmas Eve, then maybe a day or two after...if not with the family then with a few reenacting friends.
    I hope you have a wonderful one!!

  2. Thanks! That is exactly how I feel. The problem with my family is that they really just wouldn't be into anything I'd like to do. It is a really good suggestion to find some things to do with friends. I just really hate not spending time with my family because we are all too busy "putting on a production." I greatly enjoy looking at your blog. You guys look like you are and will be having a lot of fun!

  3. I like Chrismas holidays and Chrsitmas also , i dislike many other things on Christmas , like Christmad lights ( meant waste of engery) and rush driving and no Car parking.

  4. Sarah, I do like the Christmas lights. We only turn ours on on Christmas Eve. I agree that is is a waste of energy I don't think people should use them every night in December. I don't like how crowded everything is and how people act crazy. :D

  5. I think my family's really good at doing away with traditions we don't like... Last year we re-scheduled the family gathering and gifts to 25th, instead of Christmas Eve, because father hated coming home from work and having the celebration the next day - said he needed time to settle in; and because it leaves us all more time for preparation, we're doing it again this year. :-)
    I think we're rather lucky in that my extended family's scatterd all over the country, so an annual gathering would be quite a strain on everyone, especially the family that would be hosting it - we apparently all prefer having the small family time!

  6. I'm glad you worked it out. Having a stressful Christmas is no fun for anyone.

  7. Well, maybe when you have a family over your own, you could have a nice family christmas?

  8. Yeah, I agree. I like it more when it's just my immediate family celebrating Christmas together. It's just less stressful for everyone. But, I do LOVE Christmas.

  9. I think a lot of my cousins are getting to that point where they will be starting their own families. Perhaps they will want to celebrate with their immediate families then. I will be very excited for my first "family" Christmas.


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