July 21, 2010

Sontag it is! Were Sontags Crocheted during the Civil War?

It seems like the Sontag is the winner for the knit-along. I am trying to find a yarn that is affordable and available to most of the knitters. While most of us will be knitting the sontag, others have expressed interest in knitting other Civil War Era items. I am ecstatic and will link to all of the knitted items regardless of what they are.

The sontag pictured is post war--1866, but it is absolutely gorgeous! Many people are interested in crocheting sontags as they don't know how to knit. I have only seen one period reference to crocheted sontags.

The reference is late war--1864 and from Peterson's Magazine:

This pattern produces a sontag that is more like a shawl. It is something period and warm, so if you must crochet, I'm sure it could look very beautiful. If you aren't looking to make something period and just want a sontag to wear around the house indulge yourself with the 1866 sontag at the top.

I will keep you all posted when a suitable yarn for the knit-along is found. The needles will most likely be a common 7US. You will also need a few stitch markers. Stich markers can be bought cheaply or made at home, as a friend taught me, by cutting a drinking straw into 3 mm thick rings. 


  1. Yeah! I'm excited!! I can't wait to get started!

    (I got on a different computer so I could comment!)

  2. Steph, as you know, my daughter-in-law Michelle knits all the time. She has some great sources for very affordable yarn. I will get back to you on this pronto. By the way, I forgot to tell you and Andy that Joy and Rhys LOVED the book you sent!

  3. I wrote a long comment and then it didn't post and I lost it. :(
    In short, I said I was very excited, and that you do not have to worry about the yarn this Czech reader of yours could get, because I'm determined to use up yarn from my stash.

  4. P.S. My word verification at the last comment was "sewasual". That sounds like something that could get useful in the online sewing community. I just have no idea what it would mean. :D

  5. :D I always have fun with those word things--I'm terrible at interpreting them correctly.


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